Solving business problems through streamlining, digitizing and intelligently analyzing existing workflows and production processes.

Excelonsoft will help you sharpen your business insights by creating simple yet powerful interfaces and analytical tools. excelonsoft wants to help you in the same way it has already helped several Fortune 500 companies achieve productivity and performance gains. Companies like Johnson and Johnson, Miller Coors, J.M. Smuckers and others who are using our data management software to monitor and better manage the performance of many of their complex physical and human processes.

We are most proud of the close partnerships we have nurtured and forged with all of our clients. We invest whatever upfront time necessary to learn and thoroughly understand our clients' needs. We then work intimately with our clients to ensure smooth, on-budget and on-schedule project implementation from concept/design, throughout project execution and post-implementation support. excelonsoft will deliver nothing less than profoundly simple, effective solutions, in a most professional, friendly manner, all at a cost that will surely amaze you.


Increase ROI

Align your priorities & goals through consistent & simplified IT solutions

Reduce Risks & Costs

Mitigate risk and reduce IT development & support costs

Improve Business Decision Making

Present data analysis and insights through engaging dashboards

Our Services

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Application Development

Powerful combination of cloud computing, networking, storage and management solutions.

Mobile Application Development

Our mobile application development service extends to all major mobile platforms including Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Website Development

In tandem with web design, web development plays a vital role in your business success.

Business IT Outsourcing

There are significant cost savings to be achieved by outsourcing your IT development, support and management work to us.

White board animation

We specialize in creating custom animations and animated eLearning modules to more effectively teach.

About us

Business and technology are evolving at an ever more rapid pace. Businesses have to make tough choices when deciding where to best allocate their scarce resources, but it is the skilled use of information technology that often distinguishes the winners from the losers. Businesses have to understand and accept that shorter technological lifecycles demand greater agility through the rapid development and deployment of custom built software solutions to remain profitable.

Why Excelonsoft

Excelonsoft is a unique IT solutions company in its ability to work intimately with our clients to design and implement unique and customized solutions while utilizing and managing global development resources to ensure only the most current and proven technology solutions are provided in the most cost effective way possible. Excelonsoft is passionate about offering IT solutions to its clients in North America and Europe. Our goal is to work as a partner with all of our clients to develop customized technology solutions in by far, the most cost effective manner possible.

We offer

Complete mobile services from design and development to promotion and support in production environments
Collaboration from concept development to feasibility studies
Guidance in app developer account set up and approval process for all platforms and devices
Diverse range of apps  B2E, B2C, B2B, Entertainment, Music etc
Expertise in core developer tools & framework, device emulator, tools for debugging, memory and performance profiling for all mobile platforms
Mobile Applications dependent on Accelerometer, GPS, mapping location services and database
Rich, interactive and creative mobile and web apps
Push notifications, business and m-commerce applications
Migrating/porting existing mobile applications and websites across other mobile platforms and devices
Responsive web design
Content management system